National Botanic Gardens

    The beauty beyond...

    Anyone visiting Glasnevin Cemetery has the opportunity to enjoy another major attraction, the National Botanic Gardens, which is just next door. No need to walk around to the main Botanic Gardens entrance, there’s a pedestrian entrance located in the north-eastern part of the cemetery, not far from Prospect Square and the famous Gravedigger’s pub.

    The role of the National Botanic Gardens

    The activities and role of the Gardens is a great deal more varied than meets the eye. The mission and purpose of the Gardens is to explore, understand, conserve, and share the importance of plants. The National Botanic Gardens is a place where leisure, recreation and education are all compatible for the enjoyment of visitors.

    Tips for Visitors

    The overall design and contents of the Garden creates an environment that is stimulating, whether you are visiting for instruction or pleasure. However it should be remembered that the primary role of the Gardens is as a scientific collection and therefore dogs, picnics, bicycles, fishing, ball games, jogging or running, or the playing of musical instruments or recorded music are not permitted

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