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    We put the story into history

    Experience Glasnevin offers engaging school tours, workshops and resources that are closely linked to the Primary School Curriculum and SESE History. Students will explore Irish history over the last two centuries and discover more about people, events, and developments. Classroom links include:

    • Story: Stories from the lives of people in the past.
    • Eras of Change and Conflict: Changing role of women in the 19th and 20th centuries/World War One.
    • Politics, Conflict and Society: O’Connell and Catholic Emancipation/1916 and the foundation of the state.

    'We wish to say a sincere thank you to the whole tour team. Our guides on the day were superb. The quality and the engaging delivery of historical expertise were exceptional and the students wrote rave reviews in their copybooks after.' 

    St. Brigid's GNS

    Glasnevin Cemetery Learning Portal

    Explore our new and exciting interactive platform, and discover the history of Glasnevin Cemetery. 

    Featuring direct links to both Primary and Post-Primary studies, this online platform will support and engage students in their discovery of the past.

    Classroom Resources

    Specialist learning packs are provided to all teachers to supplement on-site learning such as tours and workshops, featuring tailored information to help your class get the most out of their visit. We are also pleased to offer a range of educational resources, which may be downloaded and printed.

    Life and Times
    Jennie Wyse Power

    Classroom Links:
    Eras of change and conflict
    Politics, conflict and society

    Download PDF

    Life and Times 
    Brighid O'Mullane

    Classroom Links:
    Eras of change and conflict 
    Politics, conflict and society

    On This Day
    Working as a Historian

    Classroom Links:
    Local Studies and Story
    Eras of change and conflict 
    Politics, conflict and society

    History at Home 
    The O'Connell Tower

    Download PDF

    History at Home
    Daniel O'Connell

    Download PDF

    Active Learning
    High Crosses

    Download PDF

    Discover more

    Click here for more resources for younger and older learners - including At Home Activity Packs to keep curious minds occupied.

    Tours & Workshops

    Why visit?

    Tours are delivered by expert guides, designed to enthral and engage.

    • Tours can be tailored to the needs of your class and cross-curricular options are available.
    • The Guided History Tour is available in Irish (subject to guide availability).
    • Bespoke learning packs are sent in advance of your visit.
    • Delve deeper into the past through our interactive exhibits.

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    Guided History Tour

    SESE History and the Decade of Centenaries

    This unique tour gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the men and women who shaped modern Ireland. They will learn about many figures and events that are central to the Decade of Centenaries. Figures include Daniel O’Connell, Charles Stewart Parnell, Éamon de Valera, Countess Markievicz, Elizabeth O’Farrell, and Michael Collins. Fee per student: €7.00 

    Plan Your Tour

    Our experienced Group Bookings team are happy to answer any questions you have. Find frequently asked questions, information on supervision and Code of Conduct for School and Youth Group Bookings here.

    Explore Online

    O'Connells Crypt

    Take a unique 360 degree virtual tour of the incredible interior of O'Connell's crypt and the top of the tower above.

    City of the Dead

    Discover burial practices and traditions through the ages and fascinating stories of the "after life" from religious cultures around the world.