Locating Graves in Glasnevin

    At Experience Glasnevin, we can search through our digitised burial records and archive registers to help you find the location of the final resting place of your relatives. 

    There's a couple of options for locating graves in Glasnevin: 

    • Email your enquiry to 'archive@dctrust.ie', with as much information as you can about the person you're looking for, such as their name, a general idea of the date of death, and their last known addressHowever, given the number of people buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, if the family name is a popular one, we cannot guarantee a positive result without the aforementioned identifying information.
    • Visit Experience Glasnevin, and either our Heritage Officer or a member of staff at reception, will endeavor to help you locate the grave you're looking for. Unfortunately, we would be unable to help with genealogy research beyond Glasnevin Cemetery and the other cemeteries of Dublin Cemeteries Trust.

    Contact Us

    E: archive@dctrust.ie 

    Workshops, Seminars & Resources

    Family History Workshop

    Do you want to get started on your family tree, but don’t know where to start? Are you in the process of piecing the history of your ancestors together and need a little guidance on some best practice? Our Family History Workshops are the perfect place to do just that.

    Genealogy events centre around the burial records of Glasnevin Cemetery which detail each and every person who has been buried here since 1832. During a workshop you will learn the following:

    • How to access the digitised Dublin Cemeteries Trust records
    • How to navigate our online genealogy database when carrying out research at home
    • How the records can help you with your research
    • How to assess Irish birth, marriage and death records
    • How to access and assess Irish census records
    • You will also learn about details to watch out for in the various records, which you won’t find on the internet

    Upcoming Events

    Details of upcoming workshops and events are posted here throughout the year. To keep up to date, subscribe to our mailing list.