How to search our records

    You can search for standard burial or cremation information, extended burials by entire graves and even access book extracts, where available. Try our free results preview to see what you reveal - use our search tool to get started. You will then be prompted to buy credits if you wish to take your search deeper. Unless you have one already, you will be required to set up an account, where you can redeem a voucher or purchase credit online.

    What are my options?

    The number of people buried in each grave will determine whether a Standard or Extended Search is needed - the results grid will offer the Standard/Extended tickboxes accordingly. Credits can be purchased by adding this to your Cart and are VAT Inclusive.

    Each Genealogy Credit is €1.

    Standard Search

    Purchase 3 Credits:
    Get the grave number and the details or Cremation info of the deceased person you have selected.

    Extended Search

    Purchase 8 Credits:
    Get grave number and details of the deceased person you have selected as well as details of all others buried in same grave.

    Entry Images

    Purchase Additional 2 Credits: Show the corresponding entry images from the original registers (where available for burials from 1828 to 1916)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To set up an account you go into our website and click on “Login”.  Fill out the form with your first name, last name, and a password and you are good to go!
    One of the options, when you sign in to your account, is “Purchase Credits”. Click on this and you can buy your credits. You can also start by doing a search, select from the options presented to you in the results grid and that will then calculate how many genealogy credits are required to view the chosen records.

    Each Genealogy Credit is €1.

    These will then automatically be added to your account balance and can then be applied when selecting which records you wish to purchase on the Genealogy Search results.
    Go to our website and click on the “Archives” section.  This will bring you to a search page.  Put in the first name, last name and year of death of the person you are looking for and press “search”.  If the person is buried in any of our cemeteries, i.e. Glasnevin, Goldenbridge, Palmerstown, Dardistown, or Newlands Cross, then the burial record will come up for you. 

    For the year of death, you can extend the range by clicking on the filter  icon next to the year box. 
    Once you have found records, you can narrow down the possibilities by using the Marital Status, Age and Gender filters.

    Note also the name variants that might come up subject to last name you are researching.
    The standard option will give you the burial record of the person you are looking for. 

    The extended option will give you the burial records of everyone buried in the grave with that person.  If you are using our records for family history research purposes we would advise that you chose the extended option as there is a good chance that all these people are related. 

    The image option will give you an image of the burial record from the registers.  There is extra information on the image, i.e. cause of death and the name of the person who arranged the funeral, that you will not get on the standard record.
    No problem, just click on the “forgot password” link on login page and you can follow the steps to reset it.
    If you have a voucher code, you can apply this in the Cart when buying Credits.
    To access your purchased records you just need to sign in to your account and click on the “My Records” in side bar.  All of the burial records that you have purchased will be stored here.
    Yes. Dublin Cemeteries Trust have been providing cremation services for more than 40 years. The records from our crematoria in Glasnevin, Dardistown and Newlands Cross are all included included in the Archive, and available to search.