Launch of the Glasnevin Cemetery Learning Portal

    Tuesday 18th May 2021

    Dublin Cemeteries Trust, with support from the Department of Education, is delighted to launch a brand new educational offering for schools. The Glasnevin Cemetery Learning Portal is an exciting and engaging online platform, which adds a new dimension to educational experiences at Glasnevin Cemetery. The Learning Portal primarily focuses on a variety of historical events from the time period of the Decade of Centenaries (1912-23). Education and heritage staff in Experience Glasnevin worked with the team at Noho - who specialise in the creation of digital experiences for cultural heritage - to develop this online educational platform.

    The Learning Portal is designed to enable schools to explore the history of Glasnevin Cemetery from the classroom. Students and teachers can explore the interactive Timeline and Map to discover the origins of the cemetery. Learners are encouraged to discuss and reflect on the experiences of individual people from the past, and to consider life during the years 1912-23.

    Schools can explore the portal in either Irish or English, ensuring that the content is suited to a wider range of learning contexts. The Learning Portal incorporates direct links to both Primary and Post-Primary syllabi. It was important to ensure that the portal could be enjoyed and effectively utilised by many learners, therefore Classroom Guides and differentiated Learning Activities are important features throughout. Schools are encouraged to link their locality to national and international events.

    Students can discover further information through the Story Gallery, which contains a series of short films, gallery images, and interactive quizzes.

    Explore the Glasnevin Cemetery Learning Portal