Newlands Cross Cremations

    Newlands Cross crematorium is a contemporary and distinctive circular edifice, designed to offer a tranquil and dignified space for up to 250 mourners. Our expert team are here to ensure the wishes of the deceased and the instructions of your Funeral Director are fulfilled, and offer you meaningful choice for the cremation service and memorial options.

    How to Arrange a Cremation

    Your first port of call is to contact a Funeral Director who will assist you in planning and ensure important documentation is provided in liaison with our staff. We suggest you also contact our team at Newlands Cross directly to discuss your requirements for the committal service and memorials.

    For those who wish to create a memorial space at home or in a place of special significance, we offer a range of urns, caskets and keepsakes. Many families choose to create a memorial in our cemetery, providing a space for gatherings or private reflections. Please call us for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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    Memorials for Cremation

    Columbarium Wall

    Columbarium Walls provide a final resting place for loved ones and a peaceful space for families and friends to return to and honour their memory. 

    Each wall contains a small niche, designed for the placement of an urn containing ashes of the deceased with an engraved memorial plaque. Families may visit the cemetery to select a niche, or our experienced staff will make the selection on your behalf. 

    Urns are interred in a separate ceremony and many families opt to gather and share this experience together. Niches may be reserved a the time of cremation alongside a family member. Please contact us for advice on how this option can be tailored to meet your requirements.
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    Garden of Remembrance

    The Garden of Remembrance is designed to reflect miniature burial grounds, with cremated remains interred into ground vaults. Above each vault a memorial stone is inscribed with the name and date of death. At the time of cremation it is possible to reserve spaces alongside for future use by other family members.
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    Water Urns

    These beautiful bronze water urns are designed to provide 'a natural return to nature'. The ashes of your loved one are placed inside the urn, which catches rain water and releases the ashes very gradually back into the earth. Available in several styles of patina, the water urn can accommodate the ashes of two deceased loved ones and the process is only triggered when you want it to begin.

    Whether located discreetly within the grounds of the cemetery or in the privacy of your home garden, the water urn provides a space for contemplation and a permanent memorial to your loved one, and may be inscribed according to your wishes.
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    Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

    Holding Memories Close

    For those who opt to create a memorial space at home or in a place of significance to the deceased, Dublin Cemeteries Trust have an exclusive selection available to purchase - from traditional and contemporary urns to intricately crafted jewellery.

    Click here to see a sample selection and for further information and advice.

    Further Information

    Family History

    If you have relatives buried in Newlands Cross Cemetery, you can search within our Archive, which contains records of all those buried here since the cemetery opened. Please contact our Burial Records & Genealogy service.

    Reception Venues

    If you wish to hold a post-funeral reception near Newlands Cross, a list of venues that are within five minutes drive of the cemetery is available here.

    Help & Questions

    Our experienced staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and locations, and will work with you to fulfil the wishes of the deceased. Some common questions about cremations and burials are answered here.