Live Web-streaming

    Dublin Cemeteries Trust have partnered with industry leaders to offer live web-streaming of services from each of our crematoria to help those abroad or unable to attend to honour and farewell their loved ones and support the bereaved. Unless the family have requested otherwise, daily services from the chapel in Dardistown are available below. 

    Please note that the web camera is turned off between services. If you open the web-streaming page before the service is due to start, please ensure you refresh the page when the service is due

    You can do so by either right-clicking on this page and choose Refresh / Reload Page option or by closing and opening the web-streaming page and then pressing the Play button on the web camera section.

    Please allow for a short while for the web-streaming section to load below here:

    Dardistown Chapel Room 1


    Dardistown Chapel Room 2