Buying a Grave

    The role of Dublin Cemeteries Trust remains as it was when we were formed by Daniel O’Connell in 1828 - to provide funeral services to people of all religions and none, with dignity and respect.

    Each of our five locations across Dublin offer their own unique setting and environment, with burial spaces currently available in Glasnevin (Ireland's National Cemetery), Newlands Cross, Dardistown and Goldenbridge (no new burial spaces are available in Palmerstown). 

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    When to buy a grave

    When it’s time to arrange a funeral, if the deceased wished to be buried, you will need to own a burial plot or grave.

    A grave can be bought at the time of arranging the funeral, but more frequently nowadays people are securing a grave in advance for either themselves or their family.

    Unlike some cemeteries, a grave or graves can be purchased in advance in the following cemeteries; Glasnevin, Newlands Cross, Dardistown and Goldenbridge.

    What to consider when buying a grave

    Many families when buying a grave or graves in advance, like to purchase that grave or burial plot near where they live or nearby to where their family or friends live.

    An iconic site such as Glasnevin Cemetery - Ireland's National Cemetery - is a popular choice for people all over Ireland and beyond since so many prominent figures from Irish history rest there.

    Types of Graves or Burial Plots

    Grave or Burial Plot for One Person.

    This is a plot that holds the remains of one person.

    Grave or Burial Plots for Two or More People.

    Called “Companion Plots,” these plots are large enough for more than one coffin or casket. Depending on how the cemetery is designed, a companion plot might hold two caskets side by side or they might be placed one above the other.

    Grave or Burial Plots for Families.

    Families who wish to have different generations buried together in one spot can purchase family or "double" plots.

    Burial Plots for Cremation Urns.

    Remains that have been cremated and placed in an urn can be buried in a grave in a cemetery or in a Columbarium Walls. In some of our cemeteries we have a specific memorial garden for cremation urns only.

    What to expect in terms of costs for a grave or graves

    When individuals or families are considering buying a grave, they usually have a cemetery in mind. The process usually starts with a call or email to our team who then can talk you through the options available to purchase a grave in that particular cemetery.

    Our team will guide you through the options in each of our cemeteries and what graves are available in the various parts or sections of the cemetery.

    Cost of a grave varies across our five cemeteries and there are a number of available graves in Glasnevin, Dardistown, Newlands Cross and Goldenbridge. The exact price depends on the type of grave, which cemetery, and where in that cemetery the grave is located.

    Then, once the family has a preferred location in the cemetery, and an idea of costs, they will usually visit the cemetery so we can show you the various options available.

    Our experienced and expert staff are ready to help with any queries you may have. For further information on buying a grave, see below.

    Where are graves available?

    Glasnevin Cemetery: Wide range of graves available in various sections of Ireland’s National Cemetery.

    Dardistown Cemetery: Wide range available across several sections in a modern, beautifully maintained setting.

    Goldenbridge Cemetery: A small number of graves available in a unique, historic setting in the heart of Dublin.

    Newlands Cross Cemetery: Wide range available across several sections in a tree-lined, parkland setting.

    Palmerstown Cemetery: No new graves available.

    Plots vary in price depending on the cemetery and the exact location within each cemetery. A wide range of price options are available to suit your needs.

    How the process to buy a grave works

    If you are interested in learning more about what’s involved in purchasing a grave in any of our cemeteries, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange an appointment to show you the range of options and locations available in your preferred cemetery at a time that suits you.

    If you are exploring options relating to cremation, we are the leading experts in the field having opened the Republic of Ireland’s first crematorium forty years ago; we now operate crematoria at Glasnevin, Newlands Cross and Dardistown.

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    Our team will guide you through your personal experience of death and bereavement, and support you in the final journey of your loved ones. To find out more or arrange an appointment, you can email or call 01 882 6500.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the queries we hear regularly, we hope they are helpful to you.

    Yes, you can buy a grave or burial plot in advance in four of our cemeteries, Glasnevin, Dardistown, Newlands Cross and Goldenbridge all have availability.

    Yes, you can buy a grave for yourself in advance and have that available for you in the future.

    Yes, you can buy a grave that accommodates two or more burials. When you are purchasing the grave, just advise us how many burials you are thinking about for the grave and we will advise you of the options. Some graves can accommodate several burials and ash interment as well. Ensure that you discuss all options with us before purchase as availability varies across our cemeteries, and within each cemetery, dependent on the location of the grave or burial plot.

    While there can be a misconception that you can only buy a grave upon the death of a loved one, this is not the case in Dublin Cemeteries Trust cemeteries. You can buy a grave at any time, planning many years in advance if you wish, and have it for the future.

    Families and individuals buy graves at various stages of their lives. Some families purchase a grave when a loved one has passed away in preparation for a funeral ceremony, while many others purchase a grave well in advance, sometimes after a significant life event like marriage, birth of children, children leaving home, the death of someone close, when making a will, and so on.

    Yes we have options available in many of our cemeteries where you can purchase a grave that accommodates a number of burials. The number of burials per grave or burial plot various depending on the cemetery and on the location of the grave within the cemetery. It’s important to understand how many burials you would like to accommodate over time before you purchase the grave. You also have the option of purchasing two or more graves or burial plots that are side by side if you wish, again depending on the cemetery and the location and availability of graves within the cemetery.

    Yes ,depending on the availability of graves and the cemetery of your choice, we are happy to explain the options available in each of our cemeteries and in various locations within our cemeteries.

    The term grave or burial plot in everyday language tend to mean the same thing. Sometimes we use the term burial plot when there are one or more graves purchased together side by side.

    Individuals or families can choose a cemetery based on their own wishes. There are no limits in terms of where you're from or your geographic distance from a cemetery. The choice of cemetery is based on you or your family's own preferences and wishes.

    You can choose any cemetery where there are graves available. Many individuals or families like to pick a cemetery close to where they live or close to where other members of their family or loved ones are living.

    In Dublin Cemeteries Trust, our grounds team will maintain all graves purchased in advance as part of our cemetery landscaping and maintenance programme.

    Both individuals or families tend to buy graves.

    Yes. Contrary to what many believe, we have many graves available in various sections of Glasnevin - Ireland’s National Cemetery.

    Yes, there Is a wide range of graves available in Dardistown Cemetery across several sections in a modern, beautifully maintained setting.

    Yes, we have many graves available in Newlands Cross Cemetery in several sections in a tree-lined, parkland setting.

    Yes there are a limited number of graves available in a unique, historic setting in the heart of Dublin.

    Unfortunately, there are no new graves available in Palmerstown cemetery.