O'Connell Tower Climb

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    Visitors can now ascend the tallest round tower in Ireland, and enjoy panoramic views across the city from one of its highest vantage points. Your visit with this ticket also includes the Experience Glasnevin ExhibitionYou can choose to visit the tower at any time in the morning, (choose the 11:00 ticket), or at any time in the afternoon, (choose the 13:00 ticket), with the final climb at 16:30. 

    Highlights of the O'Connell Tower include:

    • A look at the ornate crypt that has been expertly restored - the resting place of O’Connell and some of his family members.
    • An exhibition which delves into the history of O’Connell himself and the Tower - every block tells a story.
    • Climb all 198 steps to the summit, the staircase was painstakingly restored using the original 19th century plans.
    • Panoramic views of the sprawling grounds of the cemetery, the city of Dublin, Wicklow and the Irish Sea.

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