Glasnevin Ireland's Necropolis


By Shane MacThomais

Our best selling book, Glasnevin: Ireland's Necropolis, is beautifully written and illustrated, and is a key resource for visitors and guides alike. For those intererested in the history of Glasnevin Cemetery and the legacy contained within it, this is the book for you!

"How many! All these here once walked around Dublin. Faithful departed." - Ulysses, James Joyce

So wondered Leopold Bloom as he wandered through Glasnevin Cemetery. Within the pages of this book the author Shane MacThomais, historian to the Cemetery, brings just some of the 1.2 million residents here in Ireland's Necropolis back to life. From sporting legends, paupers, children, writers, musicians, artists, revolutionary leaders and political giants, this book records the stories of some of the people who helped shape Ireland's past and present over the last one hundred and seventy eight years.

Interwoven amongst the biographies are tales of stolen bodies, deadly trees, famous pubs, battle charges, epidemics and mammoth funerals giving the reader a distinctive insight into the history of this unique and beautiful place.