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    Glasnevin Cemetery has been celebrating Bloomsday since 2010 and it’s now a firm favourite for Bloomsday pilgrims. On 16 June 1904, Glasnevin was the venue for the funeral of the fictional Paddy Dignam, attended by Joyce’s protagonist Leopold Bloom in Ulysses. This year to celebrate this historic date, Experience Glasnevin will run a series of events including a Joycean exhibition, a new Ulysses guide, a re-enactment of the ‘Hades’ episode of Ulysses performed by the Joycestagers, and a Joycean tour of the cemetery itself.

    16th June - Bloomsday

    11am: Free for all to attend re-enactment of the funeral procession of Paddy Dignam from the ‘Hades’ episode of Ulysses.

    12pm: A Joycean Tour (booking essential) of the heart of the Hibernian necropolis, Glasnevin Cemetery, which has many significant links to Joyce’s life and writing. 

    Tour Ticket €13, concessions €11.