Family Fun at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

    Friday 19th February 2021

    This summer, we will be putting on special tours which are sure to be a hit with parents and children alike.  History will be brought to life by our knowledgeable and engaging guides, making it easy to digest for little ones (and big ones too).  There are over 1.6 million people buried in Glasnevin Cemetery and you can bet that there are some surprising and quirky stories among them. They will feature prominently on this tour.  Some of the highlights include:

    Fr. Browne and the Titanic – the man who captured rare photographs of the famous ship

    Grave-robbing – Why does Glasnevin Cemetery Have such high walls and watch towers?

    Yew Trees – there is more to them than you think!

    William Fogarty’s pesky parrot

    Maria Higgins – the only person in the cemetery who was buried twice…

    If that sounds like an appealing way to occupy the kids this summer, then hit the button below to secure your spot.

    Here is a piece that RTÉ produced on last summer’s tours to give you more of a feel for what to expect.

    These tours will run every Saturday at 2:00pm in July and August.

    All children must be accompanied by an adult.

    These tours are for families so all adults attending must be parents or guardians.