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    No one has a history quite like ours...

    We run an exciting programme of workshops, events and seminars for learners of all ages and interests, to support our on-site learning programmes. While tours remain closed, we are pleased to offer online exhibitions and interactive genealogy workshops and seminars - designed to be as practical as they are inspiring.

    Workshops, Seminars & Events

    Family History Workshop

    Do you want to get started on your family tree, but don’t know where to start? Are you in the process of piecing the history of your ancestors together and need a little guidance on some best practice? Our Family History Workshops are the perfect place to do just that.

    Genealogy events are facilitated by our Resident Genealogist Lynn Brady, and centre around the burial records of Glasnevin Cemetery which detail each and every person who has been buried here since 1832. During a workshop you will learn the following:

    • How to access the digitised Dublin Cemeteries Trust records
    • How to navigate our online genealogy database when carrying out research at home
    • How the records can help you with your research
    • How to assess Irish birth, marriage and death records
    • How to access and assess Irish census records
    • You will also learn about details to watch out for in the various records, which you won’t find on the internet

    Upcoming Events

    Details of upcoming workshops and events are posted here throughout the year. 

    Specialist tours to suit your interest...

    Dead Interesting Tour

    Aptly named 'Dead Interesting', this tour gives an alternative view of the varied heritage that Ireland's largest cemetery holds and the history within its walls. It provides a valuable insight into this unique Victorian burial place by telling the unusual and quirky stories of some of the lesser known personalities buried within its walls. Visitors will also learn of the sculpture, symbolism, architecture, art, sporting heroes, horticulture, natural life and much more.

    You will visit the graves and hear the stories of little known figures such as:
    • Maria Higgins, a woman who died once yet was buried twice in Glasnevin Cemetery.
    • The man who cut the ribbon and opened Sydney Harbour Bridge when he wasn't meant to.
    • The reason behind the walls and watchtowers of Glasnevin Cemetery.

    Women's Tour

    Celebrate the women of Glasnevin Cemetery from rebels to romantics. Explore the lives of suffragettes, artists, heroines and trailblazers. Learn more about the famous and the not so famous women who are buried within Glasnevin Cemetery.

    Literature & Culture Tour

    Take a tour in the footsteps of some of the literary and cultural figures resting within the walls of Glasnevin Cemetery featuring writers, artists and musicians. Hear about the famous and the forgotten.

    1916 Easter Rising Tour

    Glasnevin cemetery has a unique connection to the 1916 Easter Rising. Explore the events of Easter 1916 through the experiences of many of those involved in the Rising and buried in Glasnevin.

    Shared History Tour

    The First World War, the 1916 Easter Rising and The War of Independence have all been pivotal events in Ireland's History. From Royal Engineers and Irish Guardsmen to Irish Volunteers and Statesmen, this tour seeks to explore the lives of those involved in these events.

    Tailor a Tour

    On request we can incorporate additional elements of interest into our signature History Tour - including Military History, Labour History and the architecture of a Garden Cemetery. Bespoke tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance and are subject to availability.

    Tour Bookings & Information

    (Booking has been temporarily suspended.)

    T: +353 (0)1 882 6570

    Plan Your Visit

    Our experienced Group Bookings team are happy to answer any questions you have. Find our where we are, how to get here, and other useful information for your visit.

    Online Exhibitions

    Glasnevin Cemetery and the First World War

    Explore the events of the First World War through the experiences of men and women who were laid to rest in Glasnevin Cemetery.

    The Great Flu Pandemic and Ireland, 1918-19

    An interactive online version of our 2018 exhibition studying the Great Flu Pandemic and the lasting impact on Irish society and politics.

    O'Connells Crypt

    Take a unique 360 degree virtual tour of the incredible interior of O'Connell's crypt and the top of the tower above.

    City of the Dead

    Discover burial practices and traditions through the ages and fascinating stories of the "after life" from religious cultures around the world.

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